Make Pie Out of the Pumpkin you Carved

Jack-o-lanterns rule.

They’re spooky, they’re a wholesome craft, they’re a great American tradition for some reason. What more could you want?

The goop that comes out of a pumpkin is the best part. It feels like you’re reaching into the pumpkin and pulling out its entrails.

Everyone loves a good roasted pumpkin seed, but I have always kind of assumed there wasn’t much to be done with those fleshy pumpkin insides.

I am a fool, and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be. Making pie out of your freshly carved pumpkin is simply a question of popping it in the blender.

Step 1

When carving your pumpkin, just try to get most of the guts you extract into a bowl or onto another sanitary surface. It’s easier said than done. 

Step 2

You’re obviously going to need to separate the guts from the seeds and any hard rindy parts that ended up in your bowl of pumpkin remains. Do this with your hand. You can toss the rinds and keep the seeds for eating or feeding to a bird friend.

Ideas for using the leftover rind? Comment below or share this post with 1000+ friends.

Step 3

This is where things get sticky. I initially put all of the pumpkin straight into the blender and started going for it on high. The blender over heated and the pumpkin remained a stringy mess.

So, what you want to do is put exactly the right amount of pumpkin guts you need for your recipe, and then add the primary liquid in your recipe to lubricate your blender concoction. I used evaporated milk.

NOW you can go to town on high. Make sure you put the top on the blender first. Go at it until you can put a spoon in the mixture without drawing up any stringy bits.

Step 4

Put all of the other ingredients in your pumpkin pie recipe (hold the crust, obviously, you maniacs) into the blender and go to town until you’re ready to pour it into the crust and bake it.

Step 5

Look at this basic arty photo of the finished pie on my coffee table. 




OK. Obviously I am using store-bought crust in a disposable thing. This was the result of not explaining to my life partner thoroughly enough which kind of pre-made crust I wanted him to buy.

Forgive and forget. He’s a good guy.

But, for a reason I cannot understand, the recipe made way more pie filling than could have ever fit in the crust. Soooo, I put quick oats in the bottom of a muffin tin, filled them ¾ of the way with filling, stirred them together, and then topped them off with more filling. 

They turned out delicious, but my final pumpkin pie muffins are not pictured because I overcooked them. Pop em in the oven with the pie, but bake them roughly half the time or until the tops look fluffy and a knife comes out clean.

Peace be with you guys.