How to upscale your broken ceramics into a v fancy planter

I promise this is a difficulty-level-zero project. This idea came to me after tragically breaking one of my beloved IKEA bowls right down the middle by gently placing it on the counter.


See the depressing and hideous before photo:   See its rebirth into a beautiful, upscaled planter:

Things you will need:

  • A broken cup, bowl, or mug of some kind, ideally broken around or through the bottom
  • Hot glue gun
  • Soil
  • Appropriately-sized plant
  • ¼ of a paper towel (optional)
  • No skills whatsoever, except maybe in Not Burning Yourself and Picking Goo Off of Stuff


Re-assemble your bowl or cup or mug with your hot glue gun, leaving a gap in the ceramic at the base so water will be able to drain from your plant. Be as messy as you want with this step because JUST YOU WAIT for Step 2.


Pick all of the gooey glue overflow off of the outside of your mug or bowl or cup so it looks nice from the outside but it still solid and ideally hideous on the inside. It will be covered with dirt. If it bothers you, pick off both sides, but also consider chilling the f**k out.

STEP THREE (optional and not pictured like my 7th grade yearbook photo):

Take a small piece of paper towel and lay it down over the gap in the bottom of your cup or bowl or mug. This is so that soil dust didn’t leak out all over my apartment while transferring my plant, but depending on the type of your soil and your standards for cleanliness, feel free to skip.


Put your plant in the bowl or mug or cup and fill it with soil. Tada! I do not recommend leaving it on the floor in your hallway, but idgaf so  please mind your own business when admiring this photo:



I would like to brag about raising my first-ever plant to grow out of the container I bought it in. Like/comment/share to congratulate me, thank you.

Also, if you don’t own a glue gun, go find one. It is universally functional, super easy to use, and will make your upscaled/minimalist life so much easier. Last time I saw, they were $2 at Michael’s, but I obviously prefer my own purchasing method, which was asking my mom for the one she bought in the 80s and has scant used since. Shout out to Mom.

Go forth and glue stuff, you guys.