How to Have Hippie Hair Without Being Gross

One of the big reasons I started this blog was because I felt like there was nowhere on the internet that would teach me how to go green without going balls to the wall patchouli-oil-everywhere™.

When my sister was in high school, she tried to join the no-poo movement and started washing her hair with mostly white vinegar. It was not good. The smell was less good. I gave up on ever having an eco-friendly hair routine, pledging my allegiance to my expensive silicones and plastic bottles.

UNTIL. TODAY. Let me be clear, I, by no means, am Rosie with the Good Hair™. My hair is uncontrollably curly naturally, but retains no shape throughout the day. It has looked like tumbleweed, and it has about as much moisture. My life is a constant fight to make my hair look the way it does on any given day. Feel free to call me the Rocky Balboa of hair care.

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Not a selfie, but a glamour shot of my earbud cord.

These are the products I use and how I use them. I have spent essentially $0 on my hair in the past year, which is like $500000000 less than what I spent in middle school.


LUSH Braziliant Bar. My love. It costs $10.95 in the US and will last you at least 6 months depending on how often you wash your hair. It smells like mimosas (the drink, not the flower, how dare you even think that). I wash my hair way less now because there is less gummy buildup from all of the garbage in regular shampoos. And, YOU CAN TAKE IT ON AN AIRPLANE! Come at me, TSA.


Sunflower oil. It’s light, you can put it on in the shower. You only need a few drops to fully condition and moisturize your hair. Only put it on the ends. Any oil will basically work, but I like sunflower because it’s a little more local and less water intensive than other oils. So pick any oil that you love, ideally one that’s ethically produced near you. But whatever you pick, it’s going to be less processed and CHEAPER than any bottle of conditioner you can buy and last you *literally* forever. (cause it’s renewable, get it?) Disclaimer: I do use a little bit of medicated shampoo every so often to control that dry scalp.


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Pro Tip: Put your oil in a used hot sauce bottle with a very teeny opening to control the pour. Also, eat Tapatio omg.



NOTHING. My hair even looks fine air-dried with this routine, I’m thinking because it’s not too weighed-down. I am a yuge fan of a blow dryer and/or a curling iron, though, which will last forever if you take care of them and, fuck heat protectant spray, just cut ya damn hair every once in a while.


Cut your own hair! Since my hair is curly/wavy/doesn’t stay straight even if I choke it to death with 400 degree ceramic, the consequences to fucking up my haircut are basically zero. My philosophy is this: I am never happy with my haircut, but cutting my own hair and learning from it is much preferable to spending $50+ to have a professional do it and end up with about the same results. I cut my hair dry, leave it long, and aim for a vague U shape if all my hair were on my back. Then I make sure I have shorter layers in the front to frame my face and make sure I don’t look like a circus clown and workshop it from there. After a big chop, I usually come back and “edit” here and there for several days.

A few words of advice:

  • Don’t take too much length off. You will inevitably fuck up and it will be shorter than you originally intended anyway. Wonder why they always do that at the salon? Same reason. We are all human and magical and even you can do a haircut.
  • Don’t ask your friend to do it. They will inevitably fuck up and be super nervous about it. Don’t put them through it. Do 90% yourself, and if you’re going to enlist help for the back, give VERY clear instructions. (Sorry Mom and Claire. Love you guys!)
  • Just keep in mind, this haircut was free, and if you absolutely hate it, go spend the $50 at the salon to get it fixed. It has never happened to me, but you really have nothing to lose.

So go on. Save money. Keep being sexy. Side effect: you’ll save the world. You have *literally* nothing to lose.