Month: December 2017

I made a peanut butter sandwich with rice instead of bread because there is a food waste problem in this country

In a constant effort to piss off my loved ones and solve the food waste problem in this country, I have invented a new culinary creation.

“Culinary” may be an overstatement, but I did have the thought “This is probably how they’d eat peanut butter in Japan if that were a thing people did.”

So, I present to you a critically-acclaimed-by-me-I-am-the-critic new recipe that was born out of a desire to eat dinner in less than 5 minutes and an abundance of leftover, room temperature rice.



Peanut butter

A desire to change the world through your actions



Put some rice in a bowl. (Not pictured because I did not think this was something I’d want to tell people about until Step 2.)


You’re gonna want to put the rice into a bowl make it into a little ball that will cradle the PB. If not though, who cares, this decision only affects you.


Plop on a big ole glob of PB staying roughly in the center of the rice. Read more