Month: September 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Go Vegetarian

Meat production is terrible for the environment. We get it. You feed a cow a ton of food, and it takes that food and turns it into, well, less food. So to be a true eco warrior, you should cut out the middle cow and eat those plants yourself. 

Ok. Everyone *should* be a vegetarian. But, that’s never gonna happen. My Italian father will never give up his precious prosciutto, no matter how little clean water will be left on the planet for his great-grandchildren. Here are 5 reasons why he should never try:

You’ll set yourself up for failure.

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How to Get Gifts you Really Want

Look, not all of us are super close with our first-cousins-once-removed, or really any of the people who may pick us in the family secret santa. So, at then end of the holiday season, graduation, wedding and baby shower season, most of us end up with quite a bit of useless junk that will sit in a box until the next time we move and decide to donate it to Goodwill. 

After a lifetime of accumulating clothes I never wore, books I never read, and several gag gifts from the sex store, I chose to compile this list to share the lessons I’ve learned about coyly asking for gifts that you’ll actually use. When I get gifts I actually want, I obviously don’t spend my own money on those things, and the shitty gifts I would have received are saved for someone who may actually appreciate them. 

Make a Pinterest board and promote it on social media.

You don’t have to make one that explicitly says “Here is everything I would like to get for Christmas, Aunt Nancy,” although it would probably get good results. Make a board for anything, post it to social media, and any savvy gift giver will click through to your general Pinterest page where they will find a board called “My wishlist,” full of affordable things they can buy you. Aunt Nancy isn’t on Facebook? Make sure her bratty 13 year-old daughter, who she’ll surely ask for advice when picking something out for you, gets tagged in your post (lest your teenage cousin suggest a rhinestone choker you emotionally outgrew in 1998.)  

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