Month: July 2017

Going Green Isn’t Just for Rich People

The next time someone tells me they can’t be as green as they’d like because they always buy “what’s cheapest,” I will lose my mind. It’s time for me to expose them as the FILTHY, DIRTY LIARS they are. Nine out of ten times, the green option is the cheapest. And no, I’m not including the 99/100 times when the greenest option is just “don’t buy that.”

Sustainability is problematically associated with upper-middle-class moms who shop at Whole Foods and lease brand new Priuses every year. Many people with the intention to make good lifestyle changes for the planet never follow through because of the perceived huge costs of those changes.

The idea that living sustainably is expensive or unrealistic on a budget stigmatizes conscious consumerism, and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here’s why:  Read more

52 Places to Keep your Reusable Bag So You Never Forget It

This post was inspired by my roommate. S/O to MA! 

Life’s hard, you guys. Sometimes I show up to work with my clothes on inside-out. Sometimes the clothes are all at home, right under my DVD copy of Inside-Out.  So, in an attempt to save you, dear reader, from my embarrassing fate, I have compiled a list of places you can keep your reusable bag so you won’t forget it every single time you go anywhere you might need a bag. 

Save the planet, you guys: Read more

No Sugar Added, Unprocessed Banana Oat Bars

Oh what’s that? Is that Master Chef calling? You want to hire me as a consultant and pay me a million dollars a year? Now’s not a good time, but yes, I am a genius.

I have invented the world’s healthiest breakfast. After scouring the internet for something sweet and actually palatable that didn’t have flour or sugar in it, I decided I would invent my own dish.

The result, my friends, is the Unprocessed Banana Oat Bar. It has no added sugar, just uses the sweetness of bananas. The most processed grain involved is quick oats, which is renowned world over for being a healthy af breakfast. And best of all, it doesn’t taste like hot garbage or rabbit food! I promise you this recipe has been tasted and approved by even the least hippie of my friends and family.


Vegan. Gluten Free. Nut-free. No added sugar. So healthy it’s almost gross.

Here is the recipe: Read more

How to upscale your broken ceramics into a v fancy planter

I promise this is a difficulty-level-zero project. This idea came to me after tragically breaking one of my beloved IKEA bowls right down the middle by gently placing it on the counter.


See the depressing and hideous before photo:   See its rebirth into a beautiful, upscaled planter:

Things you will need:

  • A broken cup, bowl, or mug of some kind, ideally broken around or through the bottom
  • Hot glue gun
  • Soil
  • Appropriately-sized plant
  • ¼ of a paper towel (optional)
  • No skills whatsoever, except maybe in Not Burning Yourself and Picking Goo Off of Stuff

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